Making of Nike Shox

I have been busy lately because of my school but in my free time I always work in a 3d project.
This is the last model that I have made; I will show how the making process was, starting
from the beginning till the end.
I always begin finding references of the model that I want to make, Google is a good way to
find references.

I used 3ds max to make my scene and mental ray to render it, the most complicated part, and my
favorite part of this work was the modelling process. I started form the sole of the shoe like
this image shows. I made it with a plane that I converted to editable poly and then I started to
model this sole. I used cylinders to make the little tubes that are stuck in the bottom. I used
an extruded text to put the text of nike shox and the logo in the bottom of the sole.I modelled
the stuff that looks like springs that are between the sole and the shoes with splines that I shaped with that form of the little springs and then I modified them with lathe modifier like the second image shows.

I made the leather of the shoe extruding the the edges of the sole up and changing it into an
other objet using the detach modifier.I have to model just the basic form of the leather of shoe.The holes
were made using a displace map in order not to incrase the number of polygons of my model.

I had to make the shoe laces using a cylinder with an extruded side so that it would look like shoe laces and then I made a path using splines and extruded the cylinder along the spline.

This is the moment when I started to put some colors to my model. I used the architectural
material that has mental ray and I just had to make a displace map to make the holes and other sort of things like I’ve said before.

I assigned a daylight system and with a mr physical sky map in the environment, I created an ambient and reflections of a sunny day.

Rendering and Post-Production
Using this version of 3ds max and this kind of lights I just had to press the f9 key and a good render
came out.With Photoshop I fixed a couple of stuffs like level, contrast and saturation, so this is
what I got, hope you like it.


2 responses to “Making of Nike Shox

  1. And you say you don’t have much time because of school, I saw what you’ve done and I can’t imagine what you’re able to do with enough time. Seriously, you have talent and you must take advantage of it. BTW, very impressive the illumination, just keep on, best regards, Riddle.

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