Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

Final Render, By Raul Fernandez Arencibia

Hello everybody, I have been studying a couple of things about lights and render and I made a little tutorial to explain how to illuminate and render an Interior scene using mental ray as render engine and 3ds max. In this tutorial I illuminate the scene in order that it seems that it is noon.
First of all, we have to model the scene, I use to work with polys and splines.

Once modelled the scene we need to aplicate material, but this is not a tutorial about material so I´ll talk about the properties of the materials that I need to obtain good shadows.We need to use the Arch&Mesign material in objects like walls, tables, and couches , because it allows us to use ambient occlusion in our objects. Let’s see the image below, we just have to click in the check box and adjust the parameters.

We can light the scene now, so I created a DayLight System using a mr sky and mr sun manually. I did not change the properties of the sun, I juts modified the sky so this are the modifications: I had to use a Perez All Weather model and increase the multiply value of the mr sky in order to achive better results as the next image shows and it is important to put a mr physical sky as an enviroment map.

We already have our sky and sun lights well configured so we need to make a mr sky portal to illuminate the inside of the model, so let’s put a mr sky portal in each window and put the next values as the next image shows.

Once we are glad with our sky and sun we need to fix the exposure control values, so let’s see the next values in the image below.

We are ready to configure our render engine and indirect illumination. I did not use photometrics global light or caustics so I just needed to configure the Final Gather values and our render engine. The next images  show how I did it, but you will use these parameters just in your final render. When we are testing  our lights or our materials or something, we are going to use draft settings in both render engine configuration and Indirect Illumination parameters.


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