WIP: VW Beetle 2012

Work in Progress: VW Beetle 2012  Raul Fernandez Arencibia
Hello everybody, I as you can see I enjoy modelling car so I going to explain the process of making a VW beetle 2012, I pick this car because the car I made before were Russian cars, with square cuts and other style of car, so I decided to made a car more smooth and with more curves, Hope you like it. Modelling I always to model all the details of the car, even things that could be made easier with textures and displacement maps; I started like a I always do, finding a lot of references images on internet and some good blueprints, after that, I use to scale those blueprints and configure my 3D software in this case 3Ds Max 2011, This time I started model the front bumper and the rest of the part came from this object, the images below show some part of the modelling process Raul Fernandez ArencibiaRaul Fenrnadez ArencibiaOnce I have modeled the exterior part of the car with all the details, I began to model the interior parts. Most of the time I use to start from the interior part of the roof of the car go modelling till the floor of the car, after that, I start to model the dashboard like another object, I like a plane for starting to model the dashboard, The image below show how all those part were made. Pizarra del VW Beetle Texturing  & Lighting Texturing part was so fast to complete, I use some of the material called Pro-Material that mental ray include, I put a car-paint material to the metal of the car, I use and standard material with a raytraced reflection and a 0 as value of the diffuse color. Dashboard and tires have the same material but with a little variation in the diffuse color , I put them an architectural material with a black color and some blurry reflection. These are some renders of the car, hope you like it.

Raul Fernandez Arencibia

Raul Fernandez Arencibia

Beetle 2012

Rendered By Raul Fernandez Arencibia


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