Five Walking Cartoon Cycles

This is not a tutorial for teaching how to work with any armature system or with any 3D software. I will try to teach the main poses and how animate the walk cycles; I will use 3Ds max 9 and character studio as armature system but you can use any 3D software, just need and human body ringing and animate them as I show in each different walk, I have to say I´m not an expert animating, I am studying how to do that and these are some technique I have learnt, Hope you like it.

1 – Double Bounce Walk

This walk cycle try to express happiness and some kind of rhythm, the character goes up and down while he walks. I try to teach this cycle I five steps.

  • We start with this pose of the character and we put it down, see we have a straight spine and the arm is well risen.
  • Next on frame 7 we raise the character up with the leg ahead well straight and rested on the floor as the second image shows.
  • After that we are going to make a passing position on frame 13, we have to get down the character again so we can make a double bounce.
  • Now we need to rise up the character so we straight her leg, bend a little her spine and rise up the character on frame 19.
  • The only thing we left to do is getting back the model on the first pose but these time on the frame 25 and on the opposite limbs.

2 – Angry Walk

This is the way of walk of an angry man with a little rush walk, it seem like a goofy cartoon. I´m going to teach this walk cycle in five steps.

  • First you need to straight and tilt the spine ahead, and put legs as the first image shows, this is the pose of the first frame.
  • Now we need an in-between position on frame 5, check out the second image you need to bend the spine.

  • Next step is making a passing position on frame 10 as the third image shows
  • Now lets make another in-between on frame 15 and rotate the leg as the fourth image shows
  • Now we just need to make a key on frame 20 just like the frame 1 but with the opposite limbs ahead

3 – Proud Man Walk

This is the walk cycle of a proud man trying to express his superiority, This cycle i made it in 4 steps.

  • Bend back the spine and straight the leg, and raise a little the chin.

  • Now make a passing position on frame 13 as the second image shows.

  • In this step we straight the le, and raise a little the opposite shoulder

  • Now we make a pose similar to the first pose, we jus need to invert the limbs.

4 – Happy Walk

These sequences of poses will show the walk of a happy character who don´t walk as a double bounce walk or a proud man walk, It take three poses to achieve.

  • Let’s make a key pose on the first frame similar to the first image.
  • Now we need a passing position on frame 8 like the second image shows.
  • In this step we need to make another pose just like the first but with opposite limb rotated.

5 – Sneak Walk

Now I´ll show one of the different Sneak walk exists, so this is pretty easy and fast to achieve, we need five poses to make it.

  • Let’s tilt back the spine, raise up the arms and straight the first leg as the first image shows.

  • Now we need a break down on frame 10, see the second image and notice the way it is.
  • Make a passing position on frame 20 tilting the spine ahead.

  • Now we need another break down, take a look at the fourth image and see how bend are the legs, and straight the spine.

  • Now we need to make a pose similar to the first pose.


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