Modelling of Jet Fighter AV-8B Harrier


AV-8B Harrier

Hello everybody, I`m always busy with my college but as you know I always find time to model something, but this time I have been modelling a Jet Fighter AV-8B Harrier and this time with all its details including clinches, screws, and all its cuts. Here I going to show some technique I used to achieve that quality of model Hope you like it.

I always start a project finding as much references images and blueprint of the object I want to model as I can. After that I fix blueprints on Photoshop and I start to model on 3ds max. Here I show some references images I found on internet.

First part I model, is the front part of the Jet Fighter and I going modelling all the Jet till the back part. I used a Cylinder to make the basic shape of the Jet Fighter, I started from the front part of the Harrier and I began to put details till the end of the Harrier as image below shows.

In order to made all its cuts I had to model loops as blueprint showed and then extrude faces that loops rounded. Wings were one of the most detailed parts of the plane so I made as an independent object and then I attached it to the main body of the plane.

To model Bombs I had to use cylinders to make the basic shape of the model and then start to put it all its details, I use little spheres and sometimes cylinders to model its clinches and screws. The most complicated bomb to model was the heavy bomb due to it was the most detailed bomb. I made a sphere and a cylinder and once I connected them I could make the basic shape of the heavy bomb to start to model its details.

Cockpit and Undercarriage

Cockpit was pretty fast to model due to it has a lot of square details that are not difficult to model but once they are made they looks greats. Pilot seat was made using a few boxes and giving them its shape as a editable poly mesh. Undercarriages were made starting from its wheels and give them all its details.

Now I have fully detailed model but it has no textures yet, I’ll be working on it and fixing the F-22 Raptor textures to prepare an images with both of them.


5 responses to “Modelling of Jet Fighter AV-8B Harrier

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  2. Obviously you love what you do, it’s not about how big is your work but the small details and it has plenty of them. Keep on!!

  3. A beautifull model. Just one smal observation, you have modeled two engines, the Harrier only has one. other than that, me likes!

  4. You are an absolute master! Do You think it would be possible to record creating some jet? Maybe the basic model with canopy and wings. It would be great to see, how You approach creating this complicated shape. Thank You.

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