FA-18 Hornet

Raul Fernandez Arencibia 


Hello everybody, I have modelled another Jet Fighter  this time a FA-18 Hornet, as you can see I enjoy modelling those kind of stuff, in this  post I will try to show you the proccess of making the model of the scenes in the images above and I will also try to explain other things like textures and lights.

As you should know, before starting the modelling proccess  we need to find as much references images and blueprints as we can,  I use to find those images using google.

Now we are ready to begin the modelling proccess,  first of all, we need to set our blueprint correctly in 4 planes; I like to start to model  using a single plane but this time I chose a cylinder to make the basic shape of the plane and then begin to make its details.

Turbines were pretty fast to model, I just had to model a little piece and the clone it through a circle, little detials as some screw, clinches and other objects like lights were model as using another independent object, undercarriage were a little more complicated due to de amount of references images that I found that showed this part of the plane

Cockpit has a lot of little buttons and details to model, I prefer  to  model those details using diferents objects, but first I had to model the basic shape of the dashboard using a single plane as you can see in the image below.

I use photoshop to make all the textures I used un this model.Some materials like chrome, metals, and rubbers were made using templates of Arch&Desing Materials of Mental Ray. I activeted the ambient occlusion on the materiasl of the floor and wheels of the plane in order to make more realistic the shadows under the wheels in the image below.

Lights and Render were really easy to configure, I used Mental Ray as Render Engine and a few presets to make a clear render;   DayLight systems were used to iluminate the scene and some MR omni were positioned to make just specular brightness.


4 responses to “FA-18 Hornet

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  2. Wow man .. You are so good in modelling, I need your help, I’m trying to make a short with a 3d model of a hornet, but my skills in modelling are so poor, could you provide me this model and I credit to you the making of the modelling in the final version.

    This is one take .. with my model of course .. please .. tell me something.

    Thanks in advance ..

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