Jet Fighter F-22 Raptor

 Render made By Raul Fernandez Arencibia


Hello everybody, it took me a week to model this f-22 raptor, I had to model every little detail such as clinches, screws and every cuts on the cockpit and undercarriage pieces, I will show some screenshots so you can see the modelling process of the jet fighter, Hope you like it.


 I always try to find as much as possbile references images before starting to making polygons, I use google or other search engine as flickr.Most of the times, I need to fix blueprints on photoshop so they can fit perfectly.

I model the basic shape of this model using a cylinder starting from the nose of the jet fighter, puting details til model the front part of this model.


Cockpit had so much details so I modelled using another independent object in this case a box, Clinches and screws where made using little cylinders alinged along the model as the blueprint showed.I used the pilotseat the I modelled for the av-8b harrier model tha I posted in previous post.


Undercarriage had a lot of little pipes and pieces so I modelled the main pieces and pipes using basic shapes and I put the other details using textures.Wheels were pretty easy to models using tube objects and unwrapped them as a cyclinder map.


I had to model the details of the bottom of the jet fighter using other objects like planes due to I could not extrude them from the main object, the were a lot of them to do that. I always model as much as details as possible so I can avoid them on texture process.


I always try to make simple all the loops on my mode, keep it light and make a general flow on my models so they can look clean and well modelled.

Right now I’m working on my next Jet Fighter model, a F-15 McDonnel-Douglas, I still on the model proccess.


2 responses to “Jet Fighter F-22 Raptor

  1. Realmente hermoso tu trabajo,, especialmente creativo,y entusiasta para jovenes con esa capacidad de diseno tan elegante y me imagino que tomando en cuenta las diferentes leyes de fisica para que el diseno colabore con un mejor desempeno de lo que se pretende con el jet..Pero de todas formas muy educativo y realmente sorprendente..Me encanta tu creatividad y tu empeno.

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