Rim Pack

Hi everyone,  this is an advance of what I have been working on to sell on turbosquid, I show a couple of render of each model, those model will be saved to several softwares like 3ds max 2012, maya 2011, softimage XSI 2013, and cinema 4d r15, I also included in the .rar file the obj and fbx version with the base mesh of the model so if any of the people who buy this model needs to open them in other software then they just need to import the FBX or the OBJ file with the base mesh and apply the interpolation mesh modifier to all object and the result will be the same of the 3ds max, for example using Blender it will be necesary to apply the SubSurf modifier.


bravadoo0004 Brobet0001 Principal
PRUEBA00003 Wires0005


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