Rims already on sale!!!!


PrincipalHello every one,  I have got a free time last week and I worked on publishing a 9 rims on turbosquid, hope you like them, I´m still have a couple of doubt about rendiring proccess for those kind of models but I´m working on it, V-ray it´s working pretty fast for selling model renders.


One response to “Rims already on sale!!!!

  1. Hello. Rfarencibia (sorry, I don’t know Your name)

    I just saw Your website with all these 3D models You made. I must say I’m absolutely stunned! I just don’t understand, how someone like You, is able to model things so well. The level of detail is insane! I can see You are professional. I started with 3DS Max a few days ago and started to model harrier. I’m so lost. 😀 When I saw Your model, I can throw my own from the window. 😀

    Ok, that’s all. Won’t disturb You. I just wanted to tell You, how amazing it is, to see Your models and how fast You are able to do it.

    Keep it up, good luck and have a nice day.

    Pavel (Czech Republic)

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