NYPD Harley Davidson Free Model

Hi everyone, I made this model in my begins on this fascinating world of 3D modeling, first I thought to sell it on Turbosquid but when I check the model out I realized that some parts of the model show topology problems and things like tire are´nt completly fine to me so I decided to share it for free, Hope you like it, remember, it is a free model. It presents problems so it was one of the first model I made.



it is a 3ds max 2010 file.

this is the link to download it: http://speedy.sh/yKcMZ/NYPD-MotorCycle-3dsmax2010.7z




6 responses to “NYPD Harley Davidson Free Model

  1. Wow! Thank You very much. If this is from Your beginnings, I understand, why everything You make, is so damn awesome! It´s beautiful and full of great details. May I ask You, where did You learn in 3DS Max?

  2. By the way…about selling it on Turbosquid. I think You can sell it there with peace in Your heart :-), because when I see the models, many guys sell there…..well, let’s say You are way way above them, when it comes to quality, detail and overall look of the model.

    • Yes, that’s true! A have WIP project and I practice on it. It’s an old Zlin 43 airplane. It’s not that hard to put it together from different objects, but last month I’m learning to clean and create the topology. It seems very difficult for me right now to add new complex shapes into already created object, but I will get to it. 🙂 Thank You for reply.

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