Car V-ray Light Rig

Main_ImageHi everybody, I´m working on a new light rig for automotive renders, here little advance of what I´ve made. Hope you like them.

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Hummer HX already on SALE!!!!

Hello every body I have starter to make my first poject to sell on Turbosquid,  here the link:


I have a little doubt about price of the model, I´m selling in $70 including full interior and openable doors, I know it´s a little cheap if we compare prices of other shop where you can find only the exterior in $75 but they have their own client which are used buy their model, and inspire confident, this is my first model so first of all this is a test so I can see if it works.

I have never done a model to sell before so I have a lot of doubt about rendering Images of the model I need to make but, I´m learnign and praticing a lot with V-ray in my free time so I have a lot of work. hope you like renders.

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Hello everybody I have not posted anything since two month but I have been working this week on a model of a train R-160, as always I modeled both exterior and interior part of the train and I made the render using mental ray as render engine. This is not a making of or a tutorial, it´s just a few screen shots of this work.

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Modelling of Jet Fighter AV-8B Harrier


AV-8B Harrier

Hello everybody, I`m always busy with my college but as you know I always find time to model something, but this time I have been modelling a Jet Fighter AV-8B Harrier and this time with all its details including clinches, screws, and all its cuts. Here I going to show some technique I used to achieve that quality of model Hope you like it. Continue reading

WIP: VW Beetle 2012

Work in Progress: VW Beetle 2012  Raul Fernandez Arencibia
Hello everybody, I as you can see I enjoy modelling car so I going to explain the process of making a VW beetle 2012, I pick this car because the car I made before were Russian cars, with square cuts and other style of car, so I decided to made a car more smooth and with more curves, Hope you like it. Continue reading