Corvete Stingray

Hi everyone, here I show the last render I made trying to simulate speed in a image, hopu you like it.

Corvette Corvette_clay


Testing Quixel

Hi everybody, I have been studying a lot in order to get skills making models for Videogames, so this is an old model that I had made a lot of years ago but this time I reduced the amount of polygons and converted to a lowpoly model, I used Quixel to make the textures and Marmoset Toolbag to make the render and as usal 3ds max to model it and Unwrap it. Hope you like it.

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15 Beautiful Wheel Pack


If you want to buy the entie pack then use this link, or if you don´t have an account in turbosquid you can contact me amd use paypal to pay for it, of course it would be cheaper.


In case you don´t want to buy the entire pack and just need to buy some of the wheel then you can use this link:

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Standar GLA ON SALE!!!

Hi everyone, due to the number of sells I get with the GLA model I decided to publish the standar version of this car which means it not any upgrades but the AMG version.


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